Manuka Honey Throat Lozenges

Manuka honey throat lozenges offer exceptional benefits compared to other honey lozenges. When it comes to fighting infections, this natural item is extremely powerful unlike Strepsils and Diflam. Compared to most antibiotics, manuka honey combats viral activities more better.

The honey content in manuka throat lozenges ranges from 78-100% for that 5 flavors. Therefore, check our honey content while you purchase throat lozenges.

The 5 flavors of Manuka honey throat lozenges

The first one is one where lemon oil continues to be added. This classic combination has got the manuka honey content as 92%. This flavor greatly is preferred by singers. In the second one, red superfruits are blended in which red fruit flavors are cranberry, cherry and acacia extracts. The natural honey content is 78%. The third flavor contains no additives and also the manuka honey content is 100%. The other one has Propolis and Echinacea which combination does not contain any processed sugars or any additives. The content of the natural honey is 99%. The Propolis and Echinacea are ideal in supporting natural immunity. The other flavor has got the Blackcurrant bliss which offsets the sweet and the soothing honey.

Problems relieved using Manuka honey throat lozenges

These portable solutions fights against bacteria that triggers throat infections, it has anti-inflammatory properties, expectant mothers can safely utilize then for sore throats, kids whore are above twelve months can use this natural relieve to control night-time coughs, fights infections like in wounds, when the lozenges are taken, the honey’s antibacterial properties kills bacteria responsible for gum inflammation, heals sore throats and enhances the general immunity system.

According to reviews by users, manuka honey throat lozenges are excellent in treating oral infections inflamed throats and bad breath.

Currently, there is a promotion for manuka honey throat lozenges. On purchase 2 jars of natural honey, you like some free throat lozenges. About the five flavors, there's a 25% off discount for any of the 22g pack.

Entertainers, mostly singers earn their income from their voices. After working for very long hours, the voice might be interfered with by the high tones and pitches. Manuka throat lozenges are perfect because it helps in recovery of the voice, removes throat blockages like phlegm and soothe the throat muscles too and also improves the tone and pitch from the voice.

There are also manuka honey throat lozenges ideal for kids and children as well as one ideal for expectant mothers. The body of children as well as expectant mother has limitation in terms of what can be consumed safely. Manuka honey goods are made from raw honey so there isn't any concern for negative effects.

The manuka throat lozenges have additional benefits because when taken in healing of sore throats, they boost the immune system, treat skin conditions like acne, help in healing of wounds as well as help in strengthening the immunity system. the honey used is not subjected to heat during processing so the manuka honey throat lozenges contains all the benefits associated with raw manuka.